4 Things Beginner Chefs Can Do To Keep Fish Fresh For Longer

Jun 21, 2022 / By / in Ecommerce

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The advancement of technology has made our lives easier than we could ever imagine. Our generation has become dependent on technological devices for almost everything including the purchase of fish and meat. Purchasing fresh fish online is just a part of the process. But storing the remaining portion of this fish for a few days before you make the next preparation won't be fruitful unless you are clear about the right ways of doing it. 

As a beginner, it is natural that many of us are unaware of how to handle many day-to-day tasks. And this can include something as simple as the right ways to store fresh fishfor longer. So if you are a beginner chef wondering how to keep fish fresh for longer the following tips can be of help to you. 

  1. Wash Properly 

Washing and cleaning fish helps us remove dirt, bloodstains, the body parts of fish that are unfit for consumption, and the unwanted bacteria that the fresh fish we purchased would have come into contact with on our way home. So we must wash it properly, probably with vinegar. Soaking fish in water and vinegar for up to half an hour before cooking will help us keep its flesh white. 

  1. Place the Fresh Fish on Ice 

Ice the fish throughout the process of preparing it, and also after dressing it. As we all know, icing fish is the most popular and best-recommended method of storing fish while transporting it. Make sure you use crushed ice as it is great at cooling quickly and keeping fish colder than ice blocks or frozen bottled water. Moreover, water spoils the flavor of the fish. 

So make use of an insulated cooler with the cooler's drain plug open to drain the ice water out. An important point to be kept in mind before placing fish on ice is to try to gut and super-chill the fish for 5 days or more. 

  1. Store In an Air-tight Container 

In case you do not want to freeze the fresh fish, you can choose to keep it refrigerated. But before you do this, make sure the fish is washed in cold water and dried with clean a cloth/ paper towel. Once those are done, wrap the clean fish with an aluminum foil, waxed paper, or plastic wrap and store it either by placing it on the ice or in your refrigerator, say for about two days. 

  1. Always Keep the Fish Cool 

One of the main ways in which we can store fish for longer is by keeping it cool. This helps us reduce the growth of bacteria and help you keep the fish in an edible condition for long. 

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