Grocery Shopping Habits of Millennials and Gen Z In 2022

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The onset of the pandemic has brought about a major change in almost all our day-to-day activities, including the way we purchase grocery essentials. The social distancing norms and the increase in apps and online supermarkets with online grocery deliveryservices have given an impetus to online grocery shopping. 

It is said that the future purchasing power lies in the hands of the Millennials and Gen Z. Both these generations represent massive commerce opportunities for many brands, owing to their high buying power, spending power, and brand loyalty. So let us now look at the grocery shopping habits of Millennials and gen z. 

  • Emphasis on Fresh and Healthy Food: Being a generation that is educated and known for being tech-savvy, Millennials and Gen-Z give a lot of emphasis on health and wellness and having fresh and healthy food and drinks to stay healthy and fit. 
  • Spending Habits: According to a consumer study conducted by the market research firm Acosta, The average monthly spending of Gen Z on groceries was found to be $269 and that of millennial shoppers was found to be $298. This difference in the amount spent on groceries can be mainly attributed to the higher discretionary income of Millennials compared to that of Gen Z who are dependent on their parents for purchasing grocery essentials. 
  • Coupons and Lists: As we all know, dedicating some time to plan what to purchase can help us reduce/ stop impulse shopping. According to the Acosta study, 59% of Millennials and 51% of Gen Zs create grocery lists before proceeding towards making purchases. And both these generations were seen to have a liking for good deals. 36% of the Millennials and 29% of Gen Zs were found to make of use coupons, while 33 % of Millennials and 27 % of Gen Z check sales advertisements of the stores they purchase from to get the worth of their money. 
  • Online Grocery Shopping: Belonging to the generations that grew up in a culture where the internet made life easy, Gen Z and Millennials have been extremely influential in the growth of online grocery shopping. As per the data given on the website Statista (Business Data Platform) Millennials and Gen Zs are avid online grocery shoppers. 
  • Style of Browsing: Gen Z and millennial shoppers browse grocery store shelves quite differently. Virtual Selling Platform Salesfloor indicates that Millennials tend to take ample time to browse for a particular product. However, the website ‘The Balance’ indicates that Gen Zs prefer stores where products are accessible and easy to test. 

According to the latest Capgemini Research Institute report published in January 2022, Gen Z and Millennials seem to increasingly show the tendency to buy directly from brands avoiding the traditional retail channels, particularly once the pandemic ease. 

Given below are some of the observations of the study: 

  • According to the report, delivery and fulfilment remain a key priority for consumers, than in-store shopping in the grocery segment. 
  • 68% of Gen Z and 58% of Millennials were found to have ordered products directly from brands in the past six months. 
  • 72% of the shoppers expect to have a considerable amount of interaction with physical stores once the pandemic eases. 
  • Among those who purchased directly from the brands almost 60% cite a better buying experience as the reason for choosing direct purchase. 
  • The convenience of delivery is a major factor that is capable of pushing shoppers to explore new and emerging models of shopping. 47% of consumers who have the habit of purchasing products via subscription services opt for this mode of purchase owing to the convenience of home delivery. 
  • The report also indicated that shoppers are less willing to pay additional charges for the orders that are delivered fast. 
  • Health and sustainability shall be the most important factors influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions in the future. Therefore the need of the hour for organizations is to consider investing in empowering customers to help them make informed choices considering the health and sustainability factors. 
  • 70% of consumers said they’d be more watchful about cleanliness and personal health once the pandemic ends, and 63% said sustainability will serve as the most important factor while choosing the brands and retailers to shop from. 
  • 44% of consumers expressed willingness to pay additional charges for grocery productsthat come with sustainable packaging. 

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