What Makes Dal Chawal A Source Of Complete Protein?

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Pulses & cereals are considered an essential part of the diet for many vegetarians. Various discussions have been happening on which combination- dal chawal or dal roti- is good for us. According to an article published by ndtv.com, dal roti helps us control our carb intake. At the same time, a combination of Pulses & Cerealslike dal chawal is considered a complete protein source. In this blog, we shall look at some reasons for the same.  

  1. It Contains a Perfect Combination of Complete Proteins  

Nine of the 20 amino acids are considered extremely important for us. However, the human body can never make it. The lentil combo Dal chawal is regarded as a complete protein. The amino acid lysine is present in lentils but not in rice. Similarly, the sulphur-based amino acids found in rice are absent in lentils. According to Indians, a good combination of rice and lentils helps us meet the protein needed by our bodies.  

  1. Dal and Vegetables Cooked Together Make Our Meal Complete  

The famous Indian combination of dal and rice is known for its nutrient content, which is a must for supporting various functions in our body. Dal is rich in proteins, iron, calcium, vitamins, carbs, and fibre, which is excellent for our bodies. Consuming it with rice rich in protein and low in carbs does a great job of keeping our tummies full, thereby preventing hunger.  

  1. Aids Weight Loss  

Obesity is one of the major concerns for many people, especially after the covid era. As per medical experts, consumption of dal chawal is known to help us achieve our weight loss goals. Start your weight loss journey by consuming a limited quantity of dal and rice, and keep tracking your weight. According to scientific evidence, dal chawal is one of the best combos recommended for dinner to shed extra pounds. Nutritionists working with celebrities also recommend consuming dal chawal for dinner to help them achieve their weight loss goals.  

  1. Many Consider It a Wonder Diet  

If you see anyone calling dal chawal a wonder diet, don’t get surprised. This is because, according to a report published by a news agency, dal and rice are a combo capable of saving the world from the hunger crisis. According to this report, the ideal dining table in the year 2050 would have porridge as breakfast, rice as lunch, and lentils and vegetables as dinner. But, of course, if you wish to give yourselves a treat, you can consider having a hamburger every week.  

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