The Ultimate Guide to Online Grocery Shopping

Dec 03, 2021 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

online grocery shopping

Most people have experience buying clothes, makeup items, books, and shoes online. However, with the changing times, a new trend that is swiftly increasing momentum is online grocery shopping 

In the pre-COVID era, buying groceries from online websites was not common among most people. However, the pandemic Covid-19 has attracted a lot of people to online grocery shopping. Homemakers, professionals, students - everyone who would otherwise ideally prefer travelling to supermarkets and walking down the supermarket aisles to find and search for new products, have also started following the trend of online shopping.  

Though supermarkets and local stores have implemented several Covid safety protocols, many consumers are skeptical and doubtful. Online grocery shopping from our website Quoodo is rightly one of the best options to overcome these disadvantages and add more convenience, safety, and a lot of other benefits.   

With the advantages offered by online grocery shopping, online grocery sales have increased almost four-fold since 2019. Besides, various studies have estimated that by the year 2025, online grocery shoppingis projected to cover almost 22 percent of total grocery sales.   

So, in short, online grocery shopping from websites like Quoodo is convenient and foolproof. And, if done right from the right places like Quoodo, it can help you save a lot of money as well as time, offering maximum efficiency and minimum stress.   

Before you decide to purchase your grocery products from online grocery storeslike Quoodo, read on these tips to have the best shopping experience:   


  • Get the app   

An organized and well-stocked kitchen and easy grocery shopping need a well-arranged grocery list. One of the major advantages of online shopping applications or websites like Quoodo is that you can skip your pen and paper to write down the list but add your requirements directly to Quoodo's app when you plan a meal or run low on an ingredient.   


  • Order early   

All online grocery supermarketslike Quoodo deliver orders on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, we recommend you to make your order as early as possible to get it delivered to you early. Also, place your order in advance to prevent last-minute worries and the risk of grocery items running out.  


  • Be flexible.   

If one item is not available in your store for grocery shopping and you are not ready with a substitute, it can affect your grocery plans. Sometimes, you may not always be able to find what you need; so, be prepared with your substitute product or brand so that the delivery is not affected.   


  • Be available   

While you order grocery itemsfrom online web stores like Quoodo, make sure that you are available at your delivery place during the delivery time. Or else, make proper arrangements to receive the products so as to save from a lot of confusion and last-minute worries.   

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