Seafood Pregnant Women Should Avoid and Include In Their Diet

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Many of us would like to include seafood in our meals for its nutritional content and health benefits. Did you know that the omega-3 fatty acids and protein content of seafood aid the development of a baby’s eye and brain?  

Not all food is recommended at all times. If you are pregnant, there are chances for you to feel like having fresh seafood. However, there is certain seafood you must include and avoid in your diet for your and your little one’s benefit.  

Eating fish is known to help babies and pregnant women in multiple ways, such as:   

  • Aiding the growth of the foetus   
  • Improving the brain power of babies   
  • Improving your memory and mood   
  • Bringing down the risk of cardiac diseases, etc   

However, if you or any of your relatives are pregnant, it is recommended that you avoid certain types of seafoodlike huge, ocean-friendly, predator-type fishes.   

In the following sections, we shall look at a few seafood you should include and avoid in your diet during pregnancy.  

Seafood to Consume During Pregnancy  

Given below are some seafood you can consume while you are pregnant.   

  • Catfish   
  • Anchovies   
  • Herring   
  • Pacific Oysters   
  • Salmon   
  • Sardines   
  • Pacific Mackarel   
  • Freshwater Trout   

The above seafood is recommended during pregnancy because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is low in mercury.   

However, this does indicate you should only have the above seafood during pregnancy. There are certain fishes pregnant women can consume in limited quantities too. If you feel like having fresh seafood during pregnancy, you can also try having any of the below seafood.   

  • Bluefish   
  • Chilean sea bass   
  • Buffalofish   
  • Grouper   
  • Carp   
  • Monkfish   
  • Halibut   
  • Mahi-mahi   

Seafood to Avoid During Pregnancy   

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pregnant women should never consume seafood like those mentioned below:   

  • King Mackerel   
  • Marlin   
  • Orange Roughy   
  • Swordfish   
  • Shark   
  • Bigeye Tuna   
  • Tilefish   

Mercury comes into the environment via natural sources and industrial pollution. Though most fish contain methyl mercury, consuming large fish like the shark that eats other fish regularly can be extremely dangerous for humans, particularly babies. Regular consumption of these fishes containing mercury can cause it to accumulate in our bloodstream, damaging our baby’s brain and nervous system.  

Few Tips for Preparing Seafood for Pregnant Women   

  • If you have been thinking of ways to prepare fish for pregnant women, the following tips can help you.   
  • Consider refrigerating the seafood if you wish to buy fresh seafood. Storing the seafood in a fridge using a sealed container can help keep it in good condition.   
  • Cook all types of seafood till the flesh turns opaque.   
  • Refrain from reusing marinades.   

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