Reasons Why Meat and Poultry Should be Part of Your Balanced Diet

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Are you a non-veg lover looking for more reasons to make meat and egg a part of your balanced diet?        

Quoodo online meat shopis here, giving you a few good reasons.        

Besides giving great taste, meat and eggoffer several other benefits as well.        

  • Natural Protein.        

Meat and egg contain protein that has all the necessary amino acids for one's health. Hence, these proteins are considered complete proteins as well.        

  • Rich in iron               

Iron is essential for us to prevent conditions like anemia. Meat, egg, and poultry contain heme iron that our body can easily absorb better than the non-heme iron present in plant foods.               

  • Bioavailable nutrition.        

Meat contains bio available nutrients like iron and zinc that can be easily assimilated by the body.               

  • Muscle strength and maintenance.        

Egg and meat contain high-quality protein that helps in preventing muscle loss due to aging better than other protein foods.               

  • Bone strength               

Meat contains higher amounts of calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids that help to improve one's overall bone health.               

  • Brain function               

As we know, Vitamin B12 is responsible for promoting brain development in children. Meat products are the only natural source of Vitamin B12 that helps in the effective functioning of the nervous system.        

  • Heart health               

Lean meat protein that is obtained from the consumption of meat can help to promote healthy cardiovascular function.               

  • Blood Sugar Control.        

A high protein diet that includes lean meat and egg is effective in controlling blood sugars.               

  • Zinc immunity.        

Zinc that is present in beef helps to support optimal immune function and improves wound healing.               

  • Selenium-rich               

Consumption of beef or lamb offers almost half of an individual's daily selenium requirements. Selenium helps prevent cell damage, supports thyroid function, and helps in cancer prevention.               

  • Weight management.        

Various studies have shown that high protein diets containing lean meat and poultry can help long-term weight loss more effectively than other diets.               

A good, balanced diet is one that includes several kinds of protein foods that are derived from animal and plant sources. Meat, eggs, and poultry are rich in protein.        

Choosing the proper and healthiest selections of meat and poultry and preparing them with the help of low-fat methods can help derive the best benefits from meat and eggs.               

  • Selecting meat and poultry               

While choosing meat and poultry, select lean cuts like round, chuck, sirloin, and tenderloin.        

  • Go skinless               

It is better to opt for skinless meat options. If you are a lover of dark meat, ensure to remove it before eating.               

  • Choose unprocessed products               

Unprocessed meats have been associated with cancer to a lesser extent than commercially processed ones.               

  • Choose organic meat from grass-fed beef.               

Organic meat is more environmentally-friendly. Besides, if possible, opt for grass-fed beef. If you are looking to purchase organic, grass-fed beef, Quoodo online meat shopoffers a wide variety of meat options.        

Order meat onlineand be ready to indulge in the tastiest and healthy meat options from Quoodo online meat shop. While you order fresh meat onlinefrom Quoodo, you can getthe best quality meat and meat products sourced directly from the best vendors in the UAE.        

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