Major Reasons Why Customers Try Online Grocery Shopping

Feb 03, 2022 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

online grocery shopping

The pandemic days have definitely increased people's inclination to online grocery shopping, as we already know. More people are now trying out online supermarkets because of the several advantages they offer over in-store shopping. And since these online grocery stores satisfy a number of consumer needs, the share of online grocery sales is expected to grow marginally in the future as well. Read on to understand how online supermarkets are benefiting customers. 


Major reasons why customers try online grocery shopping: 



At least some people who have been happy with in-store shopping try out online shopping for the first time because of their curiosity about the online offers and their urge to try out new things. However, besides satisfying their curiosity, if these online sites offer more convenience and a good shopping experience, they are likely to be more frequent purchasers from these online supermarkets in the future. 

Flexibility in time and no closing hours 

In-store grocery shopping imposes certain limitations on the customers in terms of time frames. However, with online grocery shopping, customers can place their order at any time, whether it is day or night, as there are no opening or closing hours for an online store. 


In-store grocery shopping consumes a lot more time as the customers need to spend time getting ready, driving to the store, finding parking, shopping things, and waiting in line at the checkout. With online grocery shopping, search for the keyword "best supermarket delivery near me" and save your time. 

Spontaneous Shopping 

Since almost everyone has a smartphone and internet connection constantly within their reach, they can shop anything they want in any situation - on the way to work, at home while watching your favorite show, or while hanging out with friends in a few steps - take out teh phone, search for the keyword "best supermarket delivery near me" and place your order. 

Home Delivery 

Since online supermarkets offer home delivery services at the time scheduled by the customers, this can save consumers their time and energy as they do not need to struggle with heavy shopping bags any longer. This supermarket delivery of products can make life much easier and smoother, especially for elderly people or people with disabilities. 

Greater Variety of Choice 

Most local stores and supermarkets keep only less variety of products because of their limited storage space. This is not applicable to an online store, and hence, customers can have access to a comprehensive range of products online than that available in-store. 

Attractive Deals and discounts 

Most online grocery supermarkets offer attractive deals, discounts, and combo offers that can be attractive for the purchasers. 

Convenient Price Comparison 

If you are someone who compares the prices of products of different brands before purchasing them, this is easier when purchasing from an online supermarket. Most online grocery stores have price comparison features that show the consumer which brands offer the product at the lowest price in real-time. 


In short, people tend to purchase from online supermarkets when they are convenient, fulfill basic needs, are reliable, quick, affordable, and flexible. With supermarket delivery of groceries from online supermarkets like Quoodo, you can benefit from all these advantages and have a seamless shopping experience. 


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