Juices or Smoothies? Which One Is Better?

May 23, 2022 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

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Especially during a summer day, we all love enjoying smoothies andfruit juices. Are they the same? Or what are the differences? Which among them is more beneficial? Read on to find out the differences between a juice and smoothie, their benefits, and their downsides. 


Juicing is the process of grinding or squeezing fresh fruits or fresh vegetables in order to obtain juice from them to have immediate access to their benefits. Intake of freshly squeezedfruit juiceis one of the easiest methods to get several vitamins and minerals. 

Cold-pressed juice 

Cold-pressed juices are the juices that are obtained from fresh fruits or vegetables by using pressure. Here, no heat or oxygen is used in the process, but the juice is extracted by pressing it. And this results in retaining maximum nutrients and vitamins from the fruit than the regular juices. Besides, another advantage of cold-pressed juice is that they do not contain any preservatives, and healthier than the packaged juice options. 


Though bottled/ pre-packaged fruit juices are easier to store, transport, and drink, they may not contain all the nutrients the original fresh fruit or vegetable had. This is because it would have suffered nutrient loss during the process of juicing and packaging. Besides, since they contain preservatives and added sugars, they may not be healthy as they seem. However, since cold-pressed juices are served fresh, they are more nutrient-rich. And they are free from any added sugars or other preservatives 


The downsides 

When juices are obtained, a part of their fiber is lost in the process. So, fruit or vegetable juice has less fiber as compared to the whole fruit or vegetable. Also, they usually have a higher glycemic index, meaning it raises blood-sugar levels more than whole fruit. Besides, since drinking juices are not as satiating as eating whole fruits or vegetables, people tend to consume more juice to fill their stomach, thus adding to their calorie consumption. 


Smoothies are drinks with a liquid base that are obtained by puréeing either fruits or vegetables or both in a blender. 


Consuming smoothies either as a morning meal or evening snack is a way to include healthy food in your diet. Besides, consumption of freshly made smoothies obtained from fruits or vegetables can give you a wide array of important vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants that are important for our body. Getting these essential nutrients can offer several benefits like improved digestion and reduction of inflammation besides lowering the risks of conditions like obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. 

The downsides 

One of the major things to consider while consuming smoothies is the sugar content present in them. Store-bought smoothies are usually packed with a lot of sugar, and it is always advisable to avoid them. While making smoothies at home, ensure that you do not load them with lots of honey, sugar, or maple syrup. 


In short, both fruit juices and smoothies are popular beverage options and can fit people of almost any taste or dietary choice. 

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