How to Identify Organic Products While Shopping?

May 25, 2022 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

organic products

"Planning to go organic this season!"  

Well, this can be a goal for you to work on this season. But, the question is, how can you kickstart an organic lifestyle and find the right organic products for you?  

Performing extensive research about each product you intend to buy can be one way of doing it. But, as you lead a hasty life, it might not be the most feasible option. Thus, we have brought together some crucial pointers to identify organic products 

Organic products, in a nutshell, can be a way for you to start a healthy lifestyle. These products won't have chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, or preservatives used during their production or storage.   

Keeping that in mind, let's look at different ways for you to identify organic products in UAE. These pointers can be beneficial even when you shop from an e-grocery store.   


Check for a Label Stating as Organic   

When you buy organic products, you can find a label that shows that the product is organic. It can be a tag line or a mention above the product name. You can notice this on the cover of the organic product you purchase.   


Keep an Eye for the Right Certifications   

Since green washing is a concern in the present decade, ensure that the organic products you buy have the appropriate certificates. They set standards for the item and would have gained them after undergoing various tests. They include GMO testing, pesticide residue analysis, checking the presence of process contaminants, etc.,   

Each country would have some specific criteria and standards for certification. Here, you can find a logo and an identification number, proving the product's authenticity.   


It's Best to Have a Biodynamic Certification!   

Even though all organic products may not have this, a biodynamic certification can add much more value to the product. It means that a product is both organic and natural. Natural refers to the organic itembeing grown in harmony with nature using compost. Here, it would be seasonal as well.   


Identify Based on the Shelf Life   

You might have noticed that processed food items and similar products would have an extended shelf life. It is because of the usage of chemical preservatives and other inorganic substances. But, with organic products, the shelf life would be shorter because of natural preservatives.   


Understanding Once You Purchase the Organic Product   

When it comes to unpacked products, you can identify them only after using them. Here, you can find out based on the shape, color, strong fragrance, taste, etc. Besides, they won't have a smooth texture like the inorganic products that you can buy.   

By keeping these pointers in mind, now you can shop for organic products in the UAE from leading online stores likeQuoodo. So, hesitate no more and shop for your favorite organic products at a reasonable price and pave the way for a healthier lifestyle.   


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