Dos and Don'ts to Keep In Mind While Purchasing Kitchen Groceries Online

Feb 22, 2022 / By / in Ecommerce

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The COVID pandemic has changed all our lives upside down, bringing about a major change in many of our day-to-day activities. One of the striking changes we have seen since then is an increasing dependency on various online platforms like websites and apps to get many of our chores done, including the purchase of grocery essentials online. So let us now look at some of the dos and don’ts to be kept in mind while purchasing kitchen groceries or grocery essentials online.   


  1. Start with a plan: Before you proceed to the online store to make the purchases, make sure you plan the meals for the week and keep a shopping list ready. Though it is a time-consuming process, this list will ultimately help you save time by helping reduce your number of visits to the store.  
  2. Keep your phone within your reach: Be sure to check this before your delivery window begins. It allows you to respond faster in case you get any messages from the online store. It also allows you to get your food faster, shoot them back a response in case you get any intro text from your shopper. This will also let those in these stores know that you are available and ready for any questions.   
  3. Be aware of the offers available: Though there are online grocery storesthat deliver kitchen groceriesor grocery essentials free of cost, there are some platforms that charge you for home delivery services. However, if you are using such platforms for the first time, there is a very high chance of you getting special offers like free delivery. Make sure you are aware of such offers so that you can save money, whenever possible.  
  • IV. Make sure you are aware of the weight of the products you buy: While shopping offline does not require you to know how much quantity of the items you’ll need ahead of time, being aware of the weight of the products you buy can help you reduce the number of unplanned or frequent purchases. Using online calculators available on many sites can be of help in such circumstances. However, we recommend that you make it a priority to make notes of the weight of the products you buy, the next time you visit a market.   


  1. Avoid eliminating processed food: Although this is a concept we frequently come across, all the healthy food we consume (oatmeal, dried lentils, milk, etc.) goes through some degree of processing before they reach us. So we insist that you always go for a less processed option.   
  2. Never wait to place your orders at the last minute: The habit of placing orders at the last minute is never a good idea, though it is difficult to avoid at times. Placing orders at least a few days in advance helps us avoid last-minute rush and get our chores done calmly.   
  3. Avoid shopping during peak times: Remember how an Uber ride would cost during peak hours? The same rule applies in the case of the price of grocery items available online during peak hours. But the best part is that the extra charges would be visible to us before we log out and make the payment. So we can choose to buy these grocery items later in case we want to skip the surcharge or opt for curb side pickup (if available) to avoid delivery fees and pick their orders from a convenient location.  

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