Cakes to Make Your Birthday Celebrations Extra Special

Apr 18, 2022 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce


A birthday is one of the most special occasions in everyone's life. The day which we all always look forward to, there is so much fun, laughter, and things to be happy about, during our birthdays. It is the day we own to ourselves, the day which reminds us how far in our life we have come and how much we have accomplished in our life. When we celebrate the birthdays of others, we show them love, care, and appreciation for them. 

Different cultures celebrate birthdays in different ways and involve different types of celebrations. However, in almost all traditions and cultures, candles, balloons, gifts, birthday cakes, and wishes from the dearest ones are inevitable. Among these, one of the major things we just can't afford to forget on a birthday is the “birthday cake”. If you are a cake lover and love tobuy cakes online, this blog is for you. Let's see why birthdays are considered incomplete without a cake. 

The tradition behind birthday cakes 

In ancient Roman culture, cakes were treated as a special dish meant to be served to the guests as a warm, benevolent gesture during memorable events like wedding ceremonies. Originally, these cakes were shaped in flat circles and had flour, honey, and nuts as their major ingredients. 

Later, by the 15th century AD, the Germans banished this myth that cakes should be cut only during weddings and introduced single-layered cakes for birthday celebrations. This begins the custom of cutting a cake on birthday celebrations. 

Later, as time progressed, cakes underwent a lot of transformations. By the late 17th century, cakes in different shapes and coated with cream and icing came into the market. During the mid-19th century, Western European Countries also started following the culture of cutting cakes on birthdays, and this practice moved on to other nations, too, all across the globe. 

Common Cake Types for Making Your Birthday Celebrations Extra Special 

Chiffon Cake 

A combination of an oil and sponge cake, chiffon cakes are airy, light cakes ideal for birthdays. 

Upside Down Cake 

Upside Down Cake, the popular type of butter cake, is usually made with pineapple, though we can make it with fruits like peaches, plums, blueberries, or pears. This cake has its topping fruits spread on the container base together with sugar and butter, and later, covered with cake batter on its top. 

Rich Chocolate Cake 

One of the most loved and popular cakes globally, rich chocolate cakes are obviously a treat for all sweet lovers and chocolate lovers. 

Fruit Cake 

Made with a lot of fresh fruits, fruit cakes are a popular option for health-conscious people. 

Pineapple Cake 

Pineapple Cake has a great fan-following all across the world and is a popular pick for birthday celebrations. 

Strawberry Cake 

Strawberries are a loved fruit and make a yummy ingredient for birthday cakes. 


The creamy and silky smooth cheesecake can be either baked or unbaked and refrigerated. They are enhanced with sugar and may contain any flavours like vanilla, lemon, spices, lemon, chocolate, pumpkin, or other flavors that may be added to the main cheese layer. 

So, this is a list of the best cake varieties you can try out for your next birthday. You can buy them from cake shops, bakeries, etc... If you live in the UAE, you can even buy cake online from shopping sites like Quoodo, which will be delivered to your doorsteps. For the next birthday, give yourself the best treat or surprise your dearest ones by ordering lip-smacking cakes -order cake onlinefrom Quoodo in real quick steps. 


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