Benefits of Educational Toys for Kid’s Development

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It's rightly said that the best way for kids to start learning things is through playing. If you are someone who has a kid or frequently interacts with kids, you would obviously know that kids are always inquisitive to explore and discover new things. Kids always love actively exploring everything around them as they grow up. So, if you wish to help your child grow and understand their surroundings and improve their intellectual and motor development, buying them the best educational toys can help. And you can buy them either from physical stores or from online toy stores without getting out. One example of the best online toy storein the UAE is Quoodo.         

Educational toys encourage kids' growth and development by enhancing their IQ, satisfying their curiosity, and assisting them in learning about everything around them.         

So, it is recommended to introduce toys at the initial stages of a child's development so as to improve their senses, enhance their creativity and imagination and help with their social skills.         


Some of the great examples of toys you can buy for your child during their early stages of development and are available at all major online toy stores include the following:         


  • Soothers         
  • Infant play         
  • Small portable toys with lights and sounds         
  • Stackers or blocks         
  • Dance mats with light and sound         
  • Push cars         
  • Stride and ride toys         
  • Walkers         
  • Themed toys         
  • Themed books         

If you are looking to buy these kinds of toys for your kids, online toy stores like Quoodohave a wide collection of both educational and play toys.     


The major benefits that a kid obtain from playing with educational toys are as follows:         


The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life such as follows:         


  • Kids obtain the skills of problem-solving and also learn cause and effect relationships by playing with educational toys.     
  • When kids play with others and share toys, they are learning qualities of sharing, making compromises, and conflict resolution.     
  • Educational toys play a great role in helping to develop the fine and gross motor skills of kids.         
  • Toys enhance and nurture the creativity and imagination of kids.         
  • Toys help kids discover their self-confidence and positive self-esteem.     
  • Toys help to increase the intellectual coefficient and problem-solving skills of the kids. They boost the kids' IQ by enabling better memory retention and coordination.         
  • As kids play with their educational toys by role-playing, they are able to understand emotions, develop empathy, and thus improve the kid's social and emotional intelligence.         
  • When a child plays with toys, their concentration is improved as they focus on games and tasks for a longer period of time.     


Now that you have understood the benefits of toys for a kid's social and intellectual development, we hope you have started planning to buy the best educational toysfor your kids. But if you don't have enough time due to your busy schedule to step out of your homes to make the purchase, you can get all your requirements for toys from Quoodo, one of the largest and best online toy stores in the UAE. Quoodo's online toy storehas the latest collection of best toys from all the famous brands from all across the world.         

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