7 Rice Varieties Malayalis Should Try This Onam

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Onam is round the corner, and this festival can never be considered complete without having an Onasadhya. Though a lot of people prefer barik rice, having a list of the types of rice available for purchase will make it easy for you to purchase suitable quality rice the next time you go for organic rice online shopping. Given below are a few rice varieties you may love to try, this Onam.  

  1. Brown Rice  

Brown rice is perfect for those who are fond of rice that tastes nutty. This low-calorie rice is one of the favourite rice types of health-conscious people. Another reason why consuming this type of rice can make health-conscious people happy is its vitamin, mineral, and low-calorie content.  

  1. Basmati Rice  

Basmati Ricecan be considered one of the favourite rice varieties of Indians and almost all inhabitants of the Asian continent. It tastes great when enjoyed with traditional Indian side dishes. But it is not an uncommon sight to see basmati rice served for the Onam special feast known as Onasadhya.  

  1. Jasmine Rice  

Grown in Thailand, jasmine rice finds application in the making of various Asian recipes. The Caribbean dishes prepared with this rice are popular worldwide. This rice, having a nutty flavour, will be great to have with various curries prepared during the Onam season.  

  1. Mogra Rice  

This non-glutinous rice with a special flavour is another variety of rice that needs to be tried during the festive season. One of the primary advantages of buying this rice is that it is a cost-effective choice. Once cooked, this rice will have a fluffy appearance. This is popularly used for preparing pulavs and biriyanis.  

  1. Barik Rice  

The plain white rice is a must-have in almost all feasts. The best part of buying this rice is that it goes perfectly well with all types of cuisines. Moreover, this rice type is known to keep us energetic.  

  1. Wild Rice  

Found in regions where there are lakes with wild grasses, wild rice is rich in protein is another rice variety you should try this Onam. This colorful variety of rice is known for its nutty taste. You may or may not find this rice variety in a normal grocery store, but you are sure to find them in online grocery stores.  

  1. Red Rice  

Red rice (another common rice variety consumed during Onasadhya) is known to be a rich source of anthocyanin. This rice is popular in places like Thailand, Bhutan, and Africa. This type of rice is normally cooked along with spices and herbs.  

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