6 Perfumes for Men under AED 50

Feb 28, 2022 / By / in Ecommerce

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The sweet scent of perfumes is something that often mesmerises people when they meet someone new. It is important to use the right fragrance at the right place. Even though deodorants and deodorant sprays have taken over the market in a large scale as perfumes are usually expensive. Here is some good news for everyone who prefer the old school way – the sweet fragrance of perfumes. Quoodo has a section dedicated exclusively for perfumes, that too under 50 AED! This blog post covers 6 perfumes for men at our perfume shopunder AED 50 that you would love! 

  1. Aqua Dino Elements Men, 50 ml 

Available for just 29 AED, this perfume has a very interesting fragrance that would stay on you for hours. This one has its own charm and is a blend of punctuated sweetness and a touch of mukhallat. We are pleased to have this at our online store, making us the best perfume shop in the UAE. 

  1. 100% Love Men EDP, 100 ml 

As its name suggests, this perfume is indeed 100% love! Its misty fragrance makes people fall in love with your presence and enjoy your company even more. This Eau De Parfum is available for 36.25 AED at the online perfume shopat Quoodo. 

  1. Herman 212 Men EDP, 100 ml 

This UAE origin perfume is the best thing you can wear on you when you go for a party or a date. Its mild fragrance can flatter people and make you the centre of attention in no time! It suits everyone who prefers something woody and is available for AED 36.25 at the best perfume shop, Quoodo. 

  1. Wall Street Key Word Men EDP, 100 ml 

If you prefer a masculine, earthy fragrance, this perfume would be the right choice. For a man, a sweet smell around him is of utmost importance and this particular perfume can keep him fragrant throughout the day. This one can be bought for AED 36.25 from our best perfume shop, online. 

  1. Aqua Ceo Men EDP, 100 ml 

A fresh fragrance can keep a man fresh throughout the day and this perfume has that power. Perfect for men who prefers to stay smart and elegant in a meeting or get-together. With a shelf life of aver 4 years, this one costs AED 36.25 at Quoodo’s perfume shop. 

  1. Sea Wolf Cool Men EDP, 100 ml 

At the Quoodo online store, you can buy this excellent perfume for just AED 36.25. This one makes the man wearing it seem elegant, earthy and stylish and you won’t be surprised if people approach you more often than usual. 

The Quoodo shop is most popular for grocery shopping, but our lifestyle section is in great demand among the people in the UAE. Excellent service and speedy delivery make us one of the best online grocery stores in all of UAE. We have perfumes both men and women and our entire collection is suitable for all occasions. Check out our perfume section and let us know what you think about it. 

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