4 Aspects of Best Quality Tea Powders

Feb 24, 2023 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

tea powders

We all love to have tea in various forms. Of course, we would have visited supermarkets with our parents to buy monthly grocery essentials. But there are a lot of chances that you haven’t paid attention to the factors we should consider to select the best quality products, including tea powder or organic tea. Some of the factors we generally consider before buying tea powders are: 

  1. The health benefits it can provide us 
  2. The price of the tea powders 
  3. If the tea can make us feel relaxed 
  4. Its caffeine contents 
  5. Ease of preparation 
  6. Its price and quality 


We process tea in two ways: CTC (cut, tear, curl) and Orthodox. Under the CTC method, ideal for the tea bags, we cut, tear, and curl the tea leaves into small pellets using a machine. Under the Orthodox or “long leaf” method, we handle the tea leaves carefully to prevent them from breaking. Here, we roll them to preserve their aroma. To distinguish good quality tea leaves from poor ones, do not go for loose, crumbly-looking tea leaves. 


The high-quality dried leaf should look smooth and not grumble when handled carefully. Please do not go for tea leaves that seem feather-light, as it can indicate that it is over-dried or getting unfit for use. 


Aroma is another factor we should consider, irrespective of whether we buy organic tea powders or inorganic ones. The right type of tea powders will have a distinct aroma. Try inhaling the aroma of tea powders if you can get this kind of aroma. If you can only get traces of aroma, it indicates the tea leaves are not up to the mark. 


Think of the days when you had a cup of tea and felt great. And can you recollect why you felt great after having your tea? You would undoubtedly give credit to its taste and its mouthfeel. Irrespective of whether you are having a cup of organic tea or black tea, the best quality teas available in the market will help you enjoy multiple flavor sensations as you enjoy your cup of tea. If the flavors in your tea are not easy to notice, you might need to drink better-quality tea. 


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And if you are focusing on quality, you will be looking for easy ways to distinguish good quality tea powders from bad ones. This blog will make your job easy by helping you understand what to look for to buy some of the best quality tea powders. 


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