Top 4 Cakes for Birthdays and Anniversaries

May 02, 2022 / By / in Ecommerce


The events that everyone looks forward to each year are usually birthdays and anniversaries. These could be ours or loved ones’ and we plan the events in advance so that we could have a lot of fun and make memories. The one thing that is common in all these events is cakes. Our birthdays and anniversaries are incomplete without this delicious dessert. But there are a lot of bake shops and flavours around us that we often end up getting confused about which one to go for. Here, we will be discussing 4 of the best flavours that you could easily procure online from 

  1. Chocolate Cake 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And a cake that comes with this flavour is an absolute favourite among the masses. Even thinking about the rich chocolate cream spread on top of a soft and fluffy cake makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? You can also add nuts, dry fruits or any other toppings to make it even richer. This one is one of the best desserts to order online when you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. 

  1. Black Forest Cake 

Black forest cake is another cake that is widely loved irrespective of age or other factors. Every bake shop across the world would have this delectable cake in their menu. The black forest cake available at Quoodo is extremely flavourful topped with rich cream, chocolate shavings and cherries. The cake would melt in your mouth and is certainly the best dessert you could order for your birthdays or anniversaries. 

  1. Fresh Fruit Cake 

With all the flavours of a cake comes the goodness of fresh fruits. This extremely delicious cake is to die for, for it is satiating and a real winner if you want to try something different. Fresh fruit cake can adorn your birthdays, anniversaries or any other events with its sweet taste and the freshness of fruits. Available at the Quoodo bake shop, this cake is definitely one of the best desserts to order online for unforgettable events. 

  1. Coffee Cake 

This one is for the coffee lovers out there. This dessert, with its delightful taste and aroma makes into our list as one of the must haves for your events. Coffee cake has a fan base of its own and is definitely a great cake to try on your birthdays or anniversaries. Kids and adults alike for its flavour and bitter sweetness in fact would love this one. 

Birthdays, anniversaries and even farewells are incomplete without cakes. Cake is definitely one of the best desserts to order online and you can easily do that from Quoodo has a separate section for baked goodies and you can choose from the wide range of items from the shop. is one of the best grocery stores in the UAE and we look forward to serve you with everything you want ranging from seafood, organic items to bakery. 

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