Must Try Condiment Swaps to Achieve Weight Loss Goals

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All of us have various goals, including weight-loss goals. Driven by these goals, we always refrain from eating certain foodstuffs or even limit consuming some food items. But have you ever thought swapping some of those condimentsyou use to add flavors to your food can help you achieve your weight-loss goals effortlessly? Keep reading, and you will be surprised by some of the methods we suggest to achieve your weight-loss goals.   

  1. Replace Mayonnaise with Mustard   

Despite being unhealthy, it always feels good to have burgers with mayonnaise. However, replacing mayonnaise with mustard is a healthy option worth trying. But if doing that looks impossible for you, consume mayonnaise in limited amounts.   

  1. Choose Homemade Sauce In Place Of Ketchup   

Ketchup in shops and supermarkets contains large amounts of sugar and high fructose syrups that are harmful to health. Many of us, despite knowing this tend to include this on our to-buy kitchen grocerylist, assuming there wouldn’t be a good substitute for this. If you wish to buy condiments online on any upcoming day, strike off ketchup from your list and try making homemade sauce or salsa on your own.  

  1. Swap Vegetable Oil with Virgin Olive Oil   

These days, many of us are looking for some of the best ways of cutting down or eliminating vegetable oil consumption. This is primarily due to its chemical content and the side effects of consuming it. It is also known to have genetically modified organisms that are considered unfit for consumption. Next time you prepare a to-buy list for kitchen grocery items, replace vegetable oil with virgin olive oil. Belonging to the healthy fat family makes virgin olive oil safe for consumption. However, make sure you limit its intake to two tablespoons.   

  1. Replace Butter with Avocado   

Are you a big fan of having bread and butter for breakfast? Too much butter intake can make us vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. Next time you buy condiments online, choose a healthy switch and replace butter with avocado. Also known as nature’s butter, avocado has many health benefits. It aids weight loss and promotes metabolic health. It also increases the amount of HDL in your body. If not with bread, you can also try giving it a slightly healthier twist by taking it with some lettuce, tomatoes, and scrambled egg.   

  1. Replace Sour Cream with Greek Yoghurt   

Though similar in taste, Greek yogurt is known to be healthier than sour cream. Consuming Greek yogurt helps add calcium and probiotics to our diet and aids our weight-loss journey. It is also known to help us improve our gut health and help our body absorb nutrients better.   

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