Five Lifestyle Online Products to Shop in UAE

Jan 07, 2022 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

lifestyle online shopping


Lifestyle is an umbrella term that includes a variety of products you require regularly. From clothes to perfumes, numerous items come under this broad category. 

Here, at Quoodo, understanding the essential requirements of our customers, we have brought together lifestyle online products, such as bags, perfumes, and personal care items. 

In this article, we will walk you through five lifestyle products to shop online from UAE. 

School Bags 

At Quoodo, we have brought together a variety ofonline lifestyle products you can buy. One such item is school bags. Since schools are reopening and your kids will need new bags, you don't have to rush to a store to shop for one. 

Here, at Quoodo, you can explore different bags in various colors, designs, and models that your kids will love. 

You can also find multipurpose backpacks that you can use for schools and even for traveling. They are available in several colors and shades with enticing designs. 


Hygiene is a component that you have to consider closely. For that purpose, you should get clinically tested and scientifically approved products. 

Understanding the requirements of our customers, Quoodo has showcased a wide range of hygiene products just for you. Here, you can shop for sanitizers that come in both liquid and gel forms, handwashes with different fragrances. 

Other than that, there are hygiene combo packs and special antibacterial handwashes. All the hygiene-based lifestyle UAE online products offer germ protection and enhance safety. 

Here, at Quoodo, you can shop for these items from leading brands like Dr. Hygiene, C&H, Reliance, Devola, and Sahana. 

Herbal Powders 

Herbal products are highly beneficial in the current scenario, as they come with numerous health benefits. Here, you can shop for various herbal powders that you can use based on your requirements. These herbal items are natural and organic. 

You can purchase the powders of rose petals, orange peel, Mehendi henna, Multani Mitti, Tulsi leaves, Amla, curry leaves, and dry aloe vera. You can use these products in your skincare regimen and also in your diet. However, it will depend upon the product chosen. 


At Quoodo, you can find perfumes offering fine and elegant fragrances from leading brands. Here, you can shop for products by looking into their details and reading more about them. 

Some of the brands you can shop for perfumes from Quoodo include Aqua Dino, 100% Love, Babylone Purple, Miss Catherine Desire, Affordable. 

When you shop for lifestyle products online, it is cost-effective and reliable as well. These reasons make Quoodo a leadinglifestyle UAE online store. 

Luggage or Trolley Bags 

When you plan to go on a holiday, you need to have a luggage or trolley bag that makes your journey comfy. When you have such a bag as your travel companion, you don't have to worry about the things you carry. Here, at Quoodo, you can buy a wide range of bags, including luggage trolleys, hand trolleys, polyester soft trolleys, or hard trolleys, etc. 

Hence, while browsing through the Internet to find the perfect store to shop lifestyle online, Quoodo can be an excellent option for you. 


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