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Dry fruits grab the star position of most of the kitchen shelves. Almonds and nuts get soaked overnight and are served on an empty stomach, especially to kids. Do you know why? Is it just because they have a crunchy texture and is a favorite choice to snack on? Well, read on to explore more.

Dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, dates, pistachios, etc are an abundant source of essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and other minerals. The presence of natural dietary fibers not only helps to keep our gut healthy by easing the digestion process but also to fight against cardiovascular diseases. Rich in folic acid, they improve blood flow and reduce the chances of internal blood clotting. The antioxidants and vitamins help to safeguard our body from the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. As they carry zero cholesterol, they promote weight loss by keeping the tummy full for long and hence prevent over-eating. So, now you know how weight watchers became the real admirers of dry fruits.

Quoodo - The Emerging Online Dry Fruits Store in UAE

Are you getting bored and tired while shopping? Forget the usual woes and go online this time with Quoodo so that you can bring home 100% organic dry fruits.

Compared to any other dry fruits shop, we array a huge choice of Dates, Roasted dry fruits & Nuts, and Seeds. We all know that UAE has a strong and special bond with dates and that’s why it is known as the Heaven of Dates. Visit Quoodo to choose from a wide list of products and buy your desired dry fruits online. Because we collect and deliver the most prominent and exotic Dates that are grown in the Arab countries such as Khalas Qaseem, Sheshi, Safawi Madeena, Khalas, Ajwa vip, Ajwa Madeena, Bumaan, Kimia dates, Amber, Lulu, Khudry, Fardh, Tunisia vip, Majdool, Sukkary galaxy, Sukkary Ruthab,Sukkary dry, Mabroom, Saghai Qaseem, Safawi Qaseem, and Mabroom Qaseem. Quoodo offers hand-picked sugar dates, dates coated with caramel, dark chocolate, grated coconut, and sliced almonds as well. In addition to these, Ajwa dates powder, Tamrella Dates spread, Maamoul dates filled cookies, Dates stuffed with dry fruits like walnut, orange, hazelnut, pistachio, and cashew, Maamoul Nakheel wathan with coconut, cappuccino, and swiss flavors are also available on the store.

Both salted and unsalted categories of roasted dry fruits available on Quoodo like whole almonds, almond slice, almond powder, almond mamra, pistachio powder, pistachio with shell, sliced and open pistachios, roasted peanuts, spicy peanuts, raw peanuts with skin, mix nuts, whole cashew, roasted cashew nut, spicy cashew, golden and black raisins, pecan nuts, dried apricot, badam almond, mixed nuts with honey, and brazil nuts.

Unshelled & roasted sunflower seeds and fried pumpkin seeds also have salted and unsalted variations. They can be eaten post-meal as a mouth freshener. These seeds are also widely used in vegan baking recipes as a substitute for eggs.

What makes Quoodo Unique

Bringing all the items you wish for under a single roof is a joy for us. We have thousands of products from the top brands and renowned merchants to serve millions of customers in the major cities of the UAE. Fresh and premium quality products get checked for their shelf-life with prime importance to hygiene and are delivered to your doorstep.

Buy dry fruits online from Quoodo to avail exciting rewards and claims on each purchase. We have value packs and special weekend offers so that one can buy them at amazing and unbelievable prices. Choose your favorite product by using the filtering options available for brands as well as price. Select from the multiple payment methods that also include cash on delivery. Your online shopping gets finished in a few minutes and you can schedule the delivery according to your convenience. Sit back and relax as our free and express delivery service now takes up their roles.

Enjoy a happy shopping with Quoodo!

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