Challenges Faced by Online Grocery Businesses and How to Address Them

Apr 06, 2022 / By Vysakh V J / in Ecommerce

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According to one of the researches done by the Statista website the online grocerymarket of the US is constantly growing with the sales forecast expected to reach 187.7 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2024. This opportunity-rich industry is sure to give a good start to the entrepreneurs who are passionate about starting an online grocery business. However, performing well in this industry requires us to understand the major challenges faced by this industry including those involved in grocery delivery and the possible solutions related to consumer habits, difficulty in catering to the needs of the customers from small towns, difficulty in catering to the aged and the disabled, etc. So, let us now go into the details of these challenges faced by online grocery stores to understand them better.   


Human beings are diverse and so is their attitude. Understanding the behavior of the buyer is truly a challenging task. Some of the main issues grocery app owners/ someone owning a online grocery storeface regularly is in the form of complaints from buyers who are unable to collect the ordered items on time, inconsistent/ unpredictable habits of their buyers, and many more similar complaints that can be added to the list. However, the main solution to such problems remains offering buyers a wide range of options in the grocery essentials category to choose from. Scheduling a delivery and pick-up time is one of the best ways in which you (grocery business owners) can keep both your delivery men and customers happy.   


People in smaller towns/ villages need not be as tech-savvy as those living in cities. According to such people, walking long distances or standing in queues is the best way to purchase their much-needed grocery essentials. Besides, small-towns are not normally targeted by businesses because they think they may have to settle for lower a profit margin by catering to such areas. However, one of the best ways to address this challenge is to offer consumers from such areas some fantastic offers for purchasing from your online grocery store.   


Many software solutions are designed and developed for grocery business owners by considering the target audiences of online grocery stores who are generally young and perfectly healthy. Two important areas many IT solution providers tend to skip or overlook while developing software for grocery business owners are web accessibility and design practices that can make their website user-friendly for senior citizens. However, those functioning in the online grocery industry have customers that fall into all categories that also include the aged as well as disabled people. These days, as the frequency of ordering groceries online might be higher than ordering/ buying from a physical grocery store, it is important that online grocery store owners make the website more accessible and senior-friendly/ user-friendly for the disabled. Some of how this can be done is by using different colors to differentiate different groceries essentials and making it easier for the older generation and the disabled to understand the website. Moreover, you should also make sure that you follow the internal web standards to make your website accessible to the disabled. One of the ways in which you can do this is by replacing the mouse with keyboard controls. Doing this can make it easy for many disabled people and senior citizens with poor motor skills (who might otherwise find it difficult to use a mouse) to use your website or app conveniently.  


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With the availability of laptops and smartphones that helps the disabled and the elderly use internet and related services without much difficulty like voice to text features as well as the Quoodo app where each category is differentiated using different colors, even aged customers, as well as those with a considerable amount of disability, can also purchase much-needed grocery essentials from our store quite easily at amazing and unbelievable prices.  

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