Best Brands to Buy Dry Fruits Online in UAE

Aug 30, 2022 / By / in Ecommerce

dry fruits online

Dry fruits are one of the nutritious foods we regularly consume. Arab countries are famous for many foods, with one among them being dry fruits. Are you someone looking for some of the best brands to buy dry fruits online in the UAE? The brands mentioned below will help you buy some good quality dry fruits onlineknown for their health benefits.    

  1. Urban Platter    

The Urban platter is a famous brand in UAE from which you can purchase good quality dry fruits online. Their Sukkari dry dates are considered the queen of dates. This is mainly because of their golden colour, soft texture, and how it makes us feel while consuming them. These dates are used to prepare savouries, juices, and sweets. Other dry fruits available in this store include pitted prunes, golden raisins, goji berries, Turkish apricots, Afghan raisins, Ajwa Dates, etc.    

  1. Bayara       

Bayara is a brand that constantly strives to achieve new heights. They source nuts and dry fruits from some of the best farms spread across five continents to make natural ingredients available to every house in the UAE. At Bayara, they believe in offering their customers dry fruits that treasure their natural taste and nutritional benefits. They aim to create a special love in people's minds for foods with genuine flavors. Apricots, Cranberries, figs, etc., are some of the online dry fruits currently available in their store. Enjoy these dry fruitsas snacks or use them as an ingredient to prepare your favorite dish.    

  1. Ladiid    

This brand of Green Global is known for housing some of the best quality nuts, dry fruits, spices, raw cooking powders, and various assorted goods carefully handpicked from the countries producing it. Ladiid has been delivering the best quality dry fruits at affordable prices to UAE and Saudi Arabia customers. Its range of products comes with a packing that suits the requirements of all its customers.    

Purchase Dry Fruits Online From the Largest Emerging Online Supermarket in UAE       

Quoodo is a must-try if you are looking for a place to buy dry fruits online from some of the best brands currently available in the UAE. We work with some of the most reliable brands to help our customers get the best quality dry fruits at the best rates. Ladiid is one of the brands mentioned above, from which we have added products into our dry fruits category. Our customers have been our most significant assets, which have helped us come this far. And we prioritize providing our customers with the best of what is available in the market at that particular time. As we all know, we must include dry fruits in our diet to care for our health. Peanuts of the brand Ladiid are known for their antioxidant properties and the ability to keep us healthy. The consumption of dates, another important dry fruit, is known to help our brain function better. If you are keen on getting your best dry fruits at special rates, check our website/ app and social media pages. This will help you get updates on the latest addition to our products and the offers available. So, the next time you feel like having dry fruits, visit our site/ app, place the order, and make the payment via your preferred mode.       

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