7 Things One Should be Careful on Purchasing Fresh Vegetables in the UAE

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Vegetables and fruits are part of our diet that serves as a healthy energy source for a balanced diet. It gives us the essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help maintain good health. Due to the availability of large varieties and brands, you need to be very careful while buying them. Try to buy organic vegetables as much as possible, and you can easily find them on online shopping sites at the most affordable price in just the right quantities. 

Why Vegetables are Important for Your Health? 

  • Vegetables and fruits are a great sources of nutrients and vitamins 
  • Vegetables make a healthy diet 
  • Helps in weight management 
  • Eating vegetables increases our immune 
  • Protect our body from diseases 

There are several vegetable vendors out there on the road, supermarkets, vegetable markets in your local market wherever you live in UAE. But you should know how to shop your veggies to ensure that you are taking home the best one only! Once you learn the art of buying vegetables, you can enjoy the most delicious and nutritious dishes at your home. 

Between selection, purchase, and cooking, there is a lot to consider when buying fresh produce. This blog will show you the tips and tricks to make your vegetable selection more nutritious and cost-effective. Let's start then! 

What one should be careful on fresh vegetable purchase in the UAE? 

Here are a few tips you can use while buying vegetables in Dubai: 

1. Identify Damaged Vegetables 

Whenever you're purchasing vegetables from a local vendor or market, it is better to check each veggie to find any fault or damage in them. If you buy vegetables from a supermarket or a premium shop, you don't need to consider this point. Purchasing fresh supplies is essential to have a good and hygienic meal. 

2. Give a Slight Squeeze 

It is advisable to check their quality and freshness by squeezing them a little. If you can squeeze them quickly, they are internally rotten. This way, you can bring fresh and healthy vegetables, home every time. 

3. Check Whether It is From Organic Farms or Not 

It is important that you know where the vegetables are manufactured. This way you can check whether they are organic or not. Shop from places selling vegetables produced in organic farming following the rules and regulations when it comes to food grade and quality. 

4. Choose Smaller Sizes 

When purchasing vegetables from the best fresh vegetable company in Dubai, pay attention to the size. As per experts,smaller-sized vegetables are more likely to be fresh and tender. Cooking experts will also tell you more miniature size vegetables take less time and lessen the need for pressure cookers in the kitchens. 

5. Buy as per your Need 

The most crucial vegetable shopping tip is to avoid under-buy or over-buy. Ensure to buy the exact quantity you need to use and buy again once the earlier stock is finished. It will ensure that your vegetables do not rot up, and you will be able to use fresh veggies every time. 

6. Recognize Seasonality 

No matter what you do while shopping, it is necessary to recognize which veggies are grown in which season. For example, if you live in the Northeast, it is unlikely that you will find fresh cucumbers that were grown locally. You might be able to get some vegetables, but they will likely come from the other side of the country. These non-seasonal veggies do not have a very long lifespan before spoilage. 

7. Don't Always Grab What's in Front 

Supermarkets often rotate stocks. Do not grab just what you see in the front rack. They put the eldest stock in the front row and the best one in the last row. So, jump to the previous section to buy the best one. 

What is the best place to buy Fruits and Vegetables in Dubai? 

If you have time and can make a little effort, try to visit the central and wholesalers. These places offer the best price for fruits and vegetables. Shopping from your street vendors is also a prominent place, but you might end up paying more as compared to the central or wholesale market. However, even after trying so hard, many people may fail to get good quality vegetables. And things have become hard in today’s pandemic situation. 

That’s why buying vegetables online is a great option for you.  If youorder vegetables online, you can even buy the most exotic and expensive vegetables that you can't find in local vendors and markets. 

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