Datar Jaljeera Masala, 100 gms

AED 3.95 

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Datar Jaljeera Masala gives a natural flavour and taste, can be used as a summer drink, an excellent mix of different condiments/spices and will be a good choice to drink it after meals. Hygienically packed under standard conditions Ingredients: Mint and Coriander leaves, Asafoetida, Roasted cumin powder, Black peppercorns, Black salt, Dried ginger and mango powder, Medium-sized lemons juice (2), Chilled water, Boondi and Salt.

Health Benefits: 
Jaljeera masala has no calories, thus helps in weight loss and rich in Vitamin C as it includes mango powder which helps to boost immunity. Aids digestion because it contains black salt, hence it's a summer drink which helps to keep you hydrated.


How to Use: 
Can be used as a healthy drink for summer which makes you feel cool.

Can be stored in the refrigerator.

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