Datar Tea Masala, 100 gms

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Datar Tea Masala is an aromatic mixture of whole spices, thus gives you a perfect fragrance. A good choice to make your morning more pleasant, definitely improves the flavour of the tea, also packed under standard hygienic conditions.

Health Benefits:
Is a refreshing beverage and has got many health benefits. It contains anti-bacterial properties which helps to strengthen your immune system. Everyday consuming two cups will reduce getting chances of cough, cold etc. Improves body metabolish and helps in digestion. Also boosts energy.


How to Use: 
Add two teaspoons of datar tea masala to your tea to make your day refreshing and delightful.

Store in a dry and cool place.

Short Description:

Datar Tea masala powder, often called 'Masala chai' is a flavorful blend of different varieties of spices and herbs that are used to enhance the taste and aroma of traditional Indian chai. It is a key component in making spiced tea, a popular beverage in India.

The rich and aromatic spices that infuse the tea with a delightful scent. The spices in tea masala powder are often considered warming and comforting, making it an ideal beverage for cold weather. Tea masala adds a complex and robust flavor to the tea.

Get your Datar tea masala powder online to enjoy a soothing and aromatic cup of masala chai that's both comforting and rejuvenating.


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