Spike Strawberry Jam, 450 gms

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Spike strawberry jam made with strawberries as the main ingredient. The berries are cut into tiny pieces or crushed and boiled in sugar syrup. Also it is lactose free, rich in sugar and a good source of energy. Strawberries are a powerful source of fiber, vitamin C, A and antioxidants. Perfect ally with toast, chapathi, desserts etc.  

Origin: India   

Ingredients: Sugar, Strawberry pulp 40%, Pectin (E440), Malic acid (E296) Flavor, Synthetic food color (E122) and Preservative (E211)   
Contains permitted synthetic food colors, added flavor-Natural identical flavoring substances. Contains permitted class ii preservative.   

Shelf life: Best before 24 months from manufacturing date.   


Health benefits: Helps to improve digestion and reduce inflammation.  

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

Short Description:

Spike Strawberry jam will be loved by everyone for its sweet and fruity flavor. Made from ripe, juicy luscious strawberries, it's a versatile spread that can elevate your breakfast toast, dolloped on scones during afternoon tea, and can be used as a sweet filling for cakes and pastries or desserts.

Beyond its irresistible flavor, Spike strawberry jam packs a powerful nutritional punch. Strawberries are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, and dietary fiber, making this jam both a tasty treat and a good source of nutrition.

Ideal choice for those who want a touch of sweetness in their regular meals, strawberry jam is a delightful addition to the pantry. As it adds a sweet  delight to your daily diet.

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