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Figs turkey, 1 kg

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Figs turkey


Turkey Figs turkey is one of the major varieties of dried figs. They have a tear-drop shape with golden yellow to brown color. Dried figs are also called Anjeer. They are naturally sweet and yet highly nutritious.

Compared to fresh ones, Turkish figs are imbued with great fiber content which helps not only to keep constipation at bay but also for easy bowel movements. Being a good source of calcium, aids in maintaining bone health.

Nutritional Facts
Fifty grams of chopped Figs turkey contains:
Energy 125 calories
Carbohydrate 31.9grams
Fat 0.5 grams
Fiber 4.9 grams
Protein 1.6 grams
Calcium 81 mg (milligrams)
Potassium 340 mg
Magnesium 34 mg
Iron 1 mg

How to use
Figs turkey can be chopped and eaten as it is. They are soaked in warm water to make puree, sauces, jams, or spreads. They are also used to prepare milkshakes.

Dried figs can be stored at room temperature in a sealed container. For longer usage, keep them in the refrigerator after placing inside an air-tight bag.

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