Parle Kreams Gold (Chocolate), 75.06 gms

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Categories:ConfectionerySnacksCream Biscuits


Parle Kreams Gold (Chocolate) feel the rich creamy goodness of Chocolate. Can be enjoyed as your evening snack, perfect with tea/coffee


Sugar, edible vegetable oil, inverted syrup, ammonium bicarbonate 503, hard cocoa, salt, skimmed milk powder, chocolate flavors, milk and vanilla artificial, sodium bicarbonate 500, Vitamins, minerals and sodium sulphate

Nutritional Facts:-

vitamin a: 3.3%
folic acid: 5.0%
niacin: 1.5%
iron: 11.0%
vitamin b1: 3.5%
vitamin b2: 3.8%
vitamin b6: 4.0%


Store in a dry and cool place

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