Parle Hide & Seek Fab Vanilla (1x6), 112 gms

AED 17.50 

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Categories:ConfectionerySnacksCream Biscuits


You will enjoy the flavor of the delicious vanilla cream and chocolate chips in every bite. Due to their delightful sweet crunch, they are the ideal dessert and way to end a meal. You can take your tea time to a whole new level with creamy crunchy delights.            

Origin: India                                    

Ingredients: ‎Wheat flour, chocolate chips, artificial chocolate and vanilla flavor, palm oil, cocoa solids, invert syrup, caramel color, sourdough, salt, emulsifiers etc.       


Allergen: Contains wheat and soya.                                  

Storage: Store in a dry an cool place, once the pack is opened store in an airtight container.                                    

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