Amul Kool Cafe Can, 200 ml

AED 4.10 

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Amul Kool cafe is made from fresh milk and coffee of the finest quality that gives you creamy rich taste. It is loaded with protein and calcium.                          

Ingredients: Standardized Milk, Coffee, Sugar                          

Nutritional Facts Amount per 100 g:                          

Energy: 100 Kcal                          
Total Fat: 4.5g                          
Added Sugar: 7.2g                          
Protein: 3.0g                          
Calcium: 120mg                          
Total Carbohydrate: 11.9g                          

Shelf life: 6 months when stored in a cool and dry place. It has a shelf life of up to six months when stored properly.                          

Storage: Can be refrigerated.                         

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