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Security Equipment for Sale

5 months ago

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Security Equipment for Sale
We offer you the latest devices for Security Systems with international specifications and high experienced with a warranty for three years with suitable and distinct prices, always be in touch and follow us to know the latest technologies and trends about Security Systems devices and its prices
Our Offer Today is a Collection of Security Equipment’s from Garrett
1- Garrett Metal Detectors Super Scanner
Super Scanner V Hand Held Metal Detector with Audible & Vibrating Alarms is a rugged, compact hand-held metal detector that has ultimate sensitivity for detecting medium sized pistols, large knives, razor blades, box cutters and foil wrapped drugs from a legitimate close distance.
2- Garrett PD 6500i Walk Through Metal Detector
PD 6500i leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features. Designed for maximum throughput without compromising security, PD 6500i is the walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide
3- Garrett Super Wand® Hand-Held Metal Detector
Super Wand’s 360° detection field provides uniform sensitivity and tip pinpointing to detect weapons and other metal objects with extreme accuracy. From airports to sporting events, the lightweight Super Wand is the hand-held of choice for today’s security screener.
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