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Safety and security jobs

Safety and security jobs in Dubai will make a great choice. Do you have a proven passion for excellence in treating and caring for customers, knowledge of security and safety procedures and a superior sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction? You can easily excel in safety and security jobs

Every successful business organization relies on its security team to get the daily errands sorted and manage their customers and guests effectively. From retailers to builders and IT organizations and logistics companies, every type of businesses have openings for safety and security jobs.



Some of the key responsibilities include

1.Securing premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting buildings and access points and regulating entry.
2.Preventing losses and damage by reporting irregularities and informing violators of policy and procedures
3.Restraining trespassers.
4.Controlling traffic by directing drivers.
5.interviewing witnesses; obtaining signatures, maintaining visitors log book
6.Monitoring and setting building and equipment controls.
7.Maintaining organization\'s stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements.


Work under pressure

Safety and security personnel make the first contact point between your customers and your organization. They make an important interface between your business and your audience. Often security personnel work under tremendous pressure while ensuring compliance with the company security guidelines and policies. They should have a pleasant personality and should not buckle under pressure or even when they have to deal with tough customers or enforcing parking guidelines.

Etiquette matters

A polished behavior and a friendly profile will make any security personnel a favorite both on and off the office premises

Emotional Control

They should be in total control of their emotions even when things don’t turn out the way it should. As they have to deal with diverse types of customers, it takes a lot of deliberate attempt and conditioning to put the best profile forward


They are responsible for all the general safety and security aspects and maintenance of equipments. They should have a good judgment, surveillance skills and integrity to make sure that the operations go on uninterrupted