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Greens Cling Film 45cmX1500m- 11 MIC, 1 Pc

AED 97.50

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Origin: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Colour: Clear
Size: 45cm x 1500m

Indispensable High-Quality Greens Food Wrap- 45cm*600m-11 MIC

Greens food wrap made of high-quality material keeps your food fresh. Apart from home use, these cling film wrappers are also suitable for restaurants, catering agencies, snacks bars, and food trucks. They are convenient to carry and will be useful for wrapping food when you go for picnics and trips. These cling films can be conveniently rolled and cut-to-shape to ensure they perfectly secure the containers, food items and ingredients.

BIG SIZE: These big-sized wrappers can provide extra width to wrap big packages and large containers. It will help you to protect your food and keep it fresh and hygienic for a long time.

FOOD SAFE: Made from food-safe materials, they are the perfect choice to wrap your food from contaminations. They are microwave safe. The cling film will not melt or set alight when used in the oven.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from high-quality materials, these cling films are light, strong and tear resistant. These wraps will protect food when in the freezer. It is recommended that no air is between the plastic wrap and the food. That will help protect the food from freezer burn.

PERFORATED EDGES: The perforated edge on wrap boxes is specially designed to ensure safe usage every time. This edge makes the cutting of the wrap smooth and easy.

SMART DESIGN: This foodservice film is versatile to ensure proper fastening, but sturdy sufficient to withstand scrapes and spills. This design avoids openings between the exterior and the wrapping to guarantee that neither air enters the product, and that nothing escapes out within.

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