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Alda Hotel Safe 5L Round Pedal Bin-Black, F611APO, 1 pc


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Brand: Alda




Home and kitchen, Cleaning Tools, Trash Bin/ Bag


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Origin: Poland
Colour: Black
Size: 26*21cm
Material: Stainless Steel

Alda pedal bins are equipped with an innovative “click lock” mechanism that locks the lid in a vertical position after the opening. It makes it easy to add or throw out the waste. Pedals with anti-slip inlay enhance the comfort of using our products. Plastic insert helps to quickly and hygienically get rid of the trash from the bin. These bins are equipped with handy plastic handles that help with easy installation and emptying of waste.

STAINLESS STEEL: Alda bins can withstand corrosion from most oxidizing agents. These dust bins have high tensile strength, temperature resistance, and low-maintenance features. This material is resistant to water, dirt, and fire to make sure that no unexpected breaks or cracks appear in the bin.

HIGH DURABILITY: High durability makes them easy to wash/ sanitize, and therefore ideal for kitchen and food industry applications. They are tested for 10,000 close & open cycles. Affordable prices and handy design make it the perfect choice for homes, offices, and other facilities. The built-in plastic bag fixer leaves no excess plastic bag as visible from outside.

CONVENIENCE: Having good quality disposal containers is a basic requirement for a healthy and happy working environment. Alda dust bins are convenient to use and can be carried to any place. Dust bins are easy to clean and give you a hygienic waste disposal method.

LARGE STORAGE AREA: Large volume enables the dust bin to store more waste. This saves you time and effort for frequent waste disposals. You can dispose of all kinds of waste whether it is household waste, green waste, or yard waste in the dustbins.

STYLISH DESIGN: Stylish design of the bin makes it the perfect choice for your beautiful home or office spaces. The lid is perfectly designed for easy closing and openings. The perfectly closed lids prevent bad odors from coming out of the waste.

EASY OPERATION: The easy-to-use Alda bin allows you to lift the bin's lid with the press of your foot. An automatic soft-close gently lowers it again, so your daily waste bin experience can truly be hands-free. The automatic soft-close also ensures that the bin's lid doesn't get left open, keeping your tossed items secure.