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Alda Stainless Steel 15L Cigarette Pillar Gloss Ashtray Bin-630, 1 pc


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Brand: Alda




Home and kitchen, Cleaning Tools, Ash Tray


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Origin: Poland
Colour: Silver
Size: 69*20cm
Material: Stainless Steel

A high-quality stainless steel ashtray bin in a unique design is extremely robust and durable for daily use. A top-notch, durable, shiny stainless steel bin is easy to clean and is long-lasting. Stylish design makes it the perfect choice to keep in offices, shopping malls, and high-traffic areas. Large storage capacity saves time for frequent waste disposals. The non-slip rubber base ensures its stability and these bins will reduce fire spreading from the waste.

LARGE STORAGE AREA: Large volume enables the dust bin to store more waste. This saves you time and effort for frequent waste disposals. The large storage space prevents the ash from falling out and keeps your place neat and clean.

STYLISH DESIGN: Stylish design of the bin makes it the perfect choice for your beautiful shop or office spaces. These fireguard bins significantly reduce the possibility of igniting waste in the bin within a short span of time. It definitely represents great value for money.

CONVENIENCE: Having a good quality disposal container is a basic requirement for a healthy and happy working environment. Alda dust bins are convenient to use and can be carried to any place. Dust bins are easy to clean and give you a hygienic ash waste disposal method.

STAINLESS STEEL: Alda bins can withstand corrosion from most oxidizing agents. These dust bins have high tensile strength, temperature resistance, and low-maintenance features. This material is resistant to water, dirt, and fire to make sure that no unexpected breaks or cracks appear in the bin.

HIGH DURABILITY: High durability makes them easy to wash/ sanitize, and therefore ideal for personal/ industry applications. Affordable prices and handy designs make it the perfect choice for shops, offices, and other facilities. You can insert plastic waste disposal bags in order to keep the bin clean and safe.