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Super 5 Rubber Mop, 1 pc

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Origin: Italy
Colour: Blue
Size: 40*46cm
Material: Cotton

High Absorbent Super 5 Rubber Mop For Household Cleaning

Super 5 rubber mops can be used as both wet and dry mops. The soft rubber mop head, when fully spread out, allows you to cover a large surface area in the shortest amount of time. Mop heads cause dirt, dust, and grime to cling to it with ease. The microfiber padding collects small particles such as dust, dander, pet hair, and other allergens while you sweep.

MULTIPURPOSE: Helpful for cleaning the home, office, shops, and all the corner areas. The natural electrostatic action that is generated by rubbing acrylic fibers on the surfaces makes them ideal for dusting.

MACHINE WASHABLE: Mops are machine washable and they dry fast for multiple reuses. The soft mop pad can be used safely on any floor without scratching the floor. The mop is made of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers which ensures dust-free sweeping.

LONG-LASTING: It is long-lasting, representing an excellent investment with low environmental impact. The Assembly of the mop is simple and just cost you only a few minutes. They are ideal for cleaning difficult corners, spaces under furniture, and vertical surfaces.

EFFICIENT OPERATION: It can not only clean dry garbage such as dust and hair but also clean wet garbage such as oil stains. Use a wet method for deep cleaning, or use dry methods to remove dust from floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces.

HIGH ABSORBENT: Super 5 mops easily absorb water. The water absorption rate of our household mops is twice that of ordinary cloth mops, leaving no traces, suitable for cleaning various types of floors.

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