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Super 5 Microfibre Feather Duster, 1

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Origin: Italy
Colour: Red
Size: 9.25*3.9*1.96cm
Material: Cotton

Super 5 Microfibre Feather Duster for Dusting All Surfaces

Super Microfibre Feather duster is designed for all dust cleaning activities. Special technical microfiber enhances its cleaning capacity on any surface. It is perfect for dusting even the most delicate objects. Dust and dirt remain on the surface of the fibers and this allows you to remove the feather more easily, which in an instant is clean and ready for use again. They do not scratch even the most delicate surfaces.

• MULTIPURPOSE: Double-Sided microfiber cleaning duster is perfect for cleaning home, kitchenware, car, electronic gadgets, and windows. Ultra-soft non-abrasive microfiber duster will not scratch the objects. Great for dusting your valuable gadgets, cleaning up kitchen counters, and much more.

• HIGH QUALITY: This duster prevents unraveling, even for long-term and repeated use. The decorative modern style appeals to almost any decor, and the sturdy fabric ensures these towels can withstand multiple and varying uses.

CONVENIENT: Super 5 feather dusters are convenient and can be hung by the corner loop. Handy design enables it to carry the cloth during your travel purposes. The large surface area of the cloth fastens all your cleaning activities.

USEFUL FOR GADGET SCREENS: Each microfiber feather cleaning duster can be used to quickly remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges from the screen of your phone, tablet, TV, notebook, or desktop computer.

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