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Super 5 Hands Fairy Gloves-Large, 5 pcs

AED 32.50

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Origin: Italy
Colour: Multicolour
Size: 19.4*17.2*4.2 cm
Material: Rubber

Lightweight, Durable Super 5 Fairy Protective Gloves With Premium Quality

Super 5 Hands Fairy Gloves gloves are multipurpose home gloves made of natural rubber latex. They are anatomically shaped (right and left), to ensure the best comfort for the hands. ‘Drop-proof’ rolled edge makes the gloves perfectly fit in your hand. Yellow-colored, internally cotton fleece has an anti-bacterial treatment. Fairy gloves are lightweight, flexible, smooth, and easy to wear.

NON-SLIP TEXTURED SURFACE: Non-slip textured surface provides a safe and comfortable grip, these special features are perfect for handling dishes. They are made of high-quality rubber with a promising capability for reusability.

• TEAR RESISTANCE: Tear-resistant features make it the perfect choice for dealing with corrosive chemicals and disinfectants, cleaning, gardening, disinfection, sanitation, etc.

SAFE TO USE: Soft Fairy gloves are absolutely safe for users, especially for sensitive skin people. It will not feel itchy and uncomfortable while using, unlike other cheap gloves. The extra thickness design of the gloves gives better wear-resistance that can keep your hands safe from using hot water.

UNIQUE DESIGN: The gloves are specially designed to prevent the contact of corrosive liquids with the skin. Durable, long-lasting and extremely cheap, the Super 5 Fairy Gloves are extra-long latex gloves that make sure that your hands remain in the best of conditions even after multiple uses.

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