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Eudorex XXL Mop With Handle, 1 Pc

AED 36.40

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Origin: Italy
Colour: blue
Size: 35
Material: Polyester

Ultra big, tightly woven microfiber mop from Eudorex is durable and long-lasting. Mop Pads can be easily attached to mop heads and can be removed and washed quickly and easily. Our microfiber mop pad has twice the size of a typical mop and is suitable for cleaning large areas.

• HIGH ABSORBTION CAPACITY: The water absorption rate of our ultra big mop is twice that of ordinary cloth mops due to its large surface area. Perfect choice for removing dust, stains, and pet hairs from floors when used in dry/ wet conditions

. • CONVENIENCE: They are lightweight and are easy to handle. Perfect for cleaning corners and is the perfect choice for cleaning hardwood flooring, linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble, and stone surfaces with large areas.

• GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: 100% satisfaction is guaranteed for each use. It is suitable for cleaning light, medium, and tight dirt on floors. They are easy to clean after use. They can be reused and rewashed.

• USEFUL IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: Ultra big mops are useful in cleaning workshops, hard surfaces, offices, shopping malls, airports, and restaurant floors. Reusable and washable material makes it eco-friendly.

• TIME SAVING: It reduces cleaning and drying times by at least 1/3 compared to normal cotton mops. Its fibers offer a hassle-free cleaning experience. It absorbs liquids while picking up dirt and particles from the floor.

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