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Eudorex Tris Spugna Sponges, 3 pcs

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Origin: Italy
Colour: yellow
Size: 11*7.5*2.5
Material: Polyester
A trio of abrasive dishwashing sponges are the perfect choice for daily use in the kitchen. The green part - the abrasive side - has high antibacterial power, while the yellow side - in cellulose - guarantees the right absorbency at any temperature. A trio of comfortable sponges is suitable for cleaning dishes, pots, and pans with ease. They combine the features of ease of handling, easy to rinse, and soft material.

• PREMIUM QUALITY: Polyester abrasive fiber technology makes it easy to handle and easy to rinse. Effective against leaks, rips, tears and provides high strength. Premium material construction exhibits abrasion resistance and high durability. They leave surfaces smooth and shiny.

• MULTIPURPOSE: You can use these sponges to clean many different kinds of items, materials, and surfaces, including pans, dishes, silverware, plastic ware, Teflon, windows, microwaves, ovens, cars, wood, showers, sinks, guns, shoes, and more.

• MADE FOR A TOUGH JOB: The dishwashing sponge wipes away the dirt and particles, can be used with dishwashing liquid if preferred. They are strong enough to clean stubborn dirt and gentle enough to use on special glassware.

• DURABLE: The kitchen sponge maintains the shape and does not fall apart or crack easily like regular sponges. They last a long time even while scrubbing tough burned food. Rinse well using water after every use. Fiber is designed with special treatment to prevent the build-up of bacteria and odours inside the product..

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