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Eudorex Sferattiva Padelle Sponge, 2 pcs

AED 7.15

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Origin: Italy
Colour: Multicolour
Size: 0
Material: Polyester

Eudorex Padelle sponges guarantee maximum effectiveness on stubborn dirt without damaging the pans and pots and guarantees three times durability than normal fiber sponges. These sponges are tested on non-stick Teflon and ceramic pans. It has two patents in Italy: Polyurethane spheres improve grip and adherence to the surface, and abrasive fibers ensure maximum effectiveness without damaging the surfaces.

• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The sponges are durable and are suitable for repeated use. They are environmentally friendly as they save the amount of detergent used for cleaning.

• MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: It ensures maximum effectiveness on adherent dirt without damaging your utensils. It also lasts 3 times than normal dish-washing sponges. They are great for cleaning frying pans.

• ANTI-BACTERIAL: These sponges do not retain food residues which are the cause of bacterial proliferation. They are easy to clean after use. Perfect for cleaning and scrubbing dishes, cups, mugs, tumblers.

• UNIQUE QUALITIES: They are sprucely crafted to make cleaning easier and keep your hands out of the mess. They are effective against leaks, rips, and tears. Premium material construction exhibits abrasion, resistance, and durability.

• MACHINE WASHABLE: The sponges can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of up to 90 degrees and can also be washed using dishwashers. Proper care increases the life of sponges. It performs well in the wet and well-squeezed state.

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