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Eudorex Inox Cloth, 1 pc

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Brand: Eudorex


Home and kitchen, Cleaning Tools, Household Cleaners


Eudorex Inox Cloth, Inox Cloth

Origin: Italy
Colour: Grey
Size: 30*32 cm
Material: Cotton

Ultra Polishing Stainless Steel Inox Lucuida cloth made of Polyactive fiber is the perfect choice for cleaning and drying pots, dishes, and other stainless steel components. The cloth can also be used to clean and polish chrome and ceramic vessels. It degreases and absorbs in a single wipe. Reusable Inox Lucuida cloths save your money spent on paper towels. Directions for use: Dry or slightly damp Maintenance: Machine washable up to 90 degrees. Do not use fabric softeners or bleaches while washing.

WORK EFFICIENTLY: With both the pickup power of microfiber and the softness of velour, these Polyactive cloths will not scratch pot surfaces. Its air-breathing and fast-drying features do not leave mildew after use.

• LONG LIFE: Polyactive fiber gives long life to the cloth. It is reusable and is easy to clean after each use. It is well designed to avoid forming any bad smelling during use.

• GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: High-quality material and excellent drying ability of the cloth guarantees 100% satisfaction to you. Ultra-soft material provides you comfort.

• PERFECT DRYING: Polyactive fiber technology entitles the perfect drying feature of the clothes. Polyactive fiber is excellent to pull away deposits of water drops/ dust particles.

• HIGH QUALITY: These are luxuriously soft and tough dryers. It enables the capture of water drops/ dust particles with ease. They are lint free and can be used as paper towel alternatives.