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Eudorex Evo Sponge Verde Green, 4 pcs

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Origin: Italy
Colour: Green
Size: 13.6*9*2.6 cm
Material: Polyester

The Eudorex Evo sponges provide you an effective and gentle cleansing. We are in fact the only company to have abrasive sponges certified for food contact, in compliance with the EC regulation number 1935/2014. Evo kitchen sponges are the ideal solution for washing dishes and pots. They are also suitable for cleaning the hob and the steel of the sink.

• COLOUR VARIANTS: Eudorex Evo sponges are available in 4 different colours- Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. It helps to differentiate the sponges for use in different activities like cleaning of the pots, cleaning of the hob, etc. This help to avoid cross- contamination.

• EASY CLEANING: Pressure balls present in the sponges enable easy and fast cleaning. Pressure balls are a Eudorex patented feature. Polyurethane balls in the sponges amplify the force applied by the fingers on the surface.

• MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: It ensures maximum effectiveness on adherent dirt without damaging surfaces. It also lasts 3 times than normal fibre. It does not hold dirt residue and can be easily washed.

• COMPOSITION: 100% polyester + nylon composition makes the sponge abrasive and anti-scratch. Sponges are tested on non-stick frying pans made of Teflon, ceramics, etc. This make it safe to use in kitchen or offices.

• ANTI-BACTERIAL: Evo Sponge does not retain food residues which are the cause of bacterial proliferation. They are easy to clean after use. Perfect for cleaning and scrubbing dishes, cups, mugs, tumblers, and cleaning countertops, streak-free car/auto chamois

. • UNIQUE QUALITIES: They are sprucely crafted to make cleaning easier and keep your hands out of the mess. They are effective against leaks, rips, and tears. Premium material construction exhibits abrasion, resistance, and durability..

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