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Savanah Tandoori Masala, 125 gms

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Brand: Savanah




Blended Masala, Grocery Essentials, Spices


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Savanah tandoori masala can spice up your dishes with its aroma and flavour. It is one of the staple ingredients in most Indian dishes. It contains a wide variety of spices ranging from garam masala to pepper.

Health benefits.
Tandoori masala powder is rich in fibre because of the presence of black pepper, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg. When it comes to minerals, cardamom contains magnesium and calcium. Cloves have Vitamin C, and Capsaicin can help in the prevention of cancer.

How to use it?
Tandoori masala can be used in the preparation of numerous delicacies with chicken. They include tandoori chicken with marinated chicken and yogourt. It has to be baked by using a tandoor. It is also used in the preparation of butter chicken and chicken tikka. Apart from non-vegetarian dishes, it can also enhance the taste of paneer tikka.

While storing tandoor chicken masala, ensure that it is in an airtight container. It has to be placed in a cold and dry place too.

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