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Savanah Haleem, 125 gms

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Brand: Savanah




Blended Masala, Spices, Grocery Essentials


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Savanah Haleem mix assists in the preparation of Haleem, which is a South Asian delicacy. This mix can enhance the taste of this dish and also provides it with an aromatic flavour.

Health benefits
Haleem can offer fatty acids and carbohydrates required for our body. It also provides antioxidants that are beneficial in reducing high blood pressure. Through the inclusion of this dish into our diet, it can furnish us with the required amount of energy. It is also highly beneficial in fostering digestion.

How to use it?
Halem is prepared with meat, lentils and wheat. It is similar to porridge, but it contains meat. While preparing this dish, it is best to opt for shredded meat. Along with the mix, minced onion, ginger, yoghurt can add flavour and enhance its taste. In some parts, people have haleem with Naan or bread too.

It is best to store this mix in an airtight container. Try to avoid the presence of moisture to retain its taste and texture.

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