Everest Sambhar Masala, 100 gms

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Sambhar is a wonder recipe from the South of India and can aptly be described as a healthy breakfast food’. It is made from toor dal, vegetables, spices and condiments that go into a typical Sambhar that gives all the nutrients the body needs. Sambhar can be had with rice or with Idlis, Wadas etc. 

Usage: Even in South India, Sambhar is prepared differently from region to region. This Everest blend is suited to all the various Sambhar preparations. 

Ingredients: Coriander, Cumin, Chilli, Bengal Gram, Black Gram, Pigeon Pea (Toovar Dal/Arhar Dal), Fenugreek, Rich Common Salt, Curry Left, Tamarind, Turmeric, Cassia and Asafoetida. 

Nutritional Value: Per 100 gms 

Energy: 315 Kcal 
Fat : 9.65 % 
Carbohydrate: 41.95 % 
Dietary Fiber: 9.89 % 
Sugar: 1.98% 
Protein: 14.99 % 
Sodium: 0.095 % 

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, once opened keep in an airtight container. 

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