Everest Kitchen King, 100 gms

AED 5.61 

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Explore the ‘Curry’ experience with this classic blend that gives vegetable curries a grand taste and flavour. As it is coriander and turmeric based, the blend gives curry an appetizing golden hue. It is a recommended blend to prepare India’s much loved vegetarian dish. Enhance the curries with the fragrance and taste of Everest Kitchen King.        

Ingredients: The main ingredients in this masala or spice mix are turmeric and coriander. Along with anistar, hing, cumin or jeera, red chillies ground to a powder, cloves, black gram, cardamom, black pepper, poppy seeds, mustard, nutmeg, dry ginger and many other spices.        

Storage: Store it in a cool dry place. Once opened, keep it in an airtight container.        

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