Datar Vegetable Masala, 100 gms

AED 3.64 

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Datar Vegetable Masala is a good choice to prepare your delicious veg curries, thus gives an exotic and unique flavour. No adulterants are added, so it's a healthy option to cook your recipes. Made with selected garlics, cumin seeds, mango powder, turmeric, red chillies etc.

Health Benefits: 
Vegetable masala contains turmeric powder which helps to reduce inflammation, helps to boost your bone health. Rich in dietary fiber which improves digestion and helps you to feel full for a long time.


How to Use:
Can be added to cook a variety of vegetable curries which can be eaten with rice, chappati, roti, paratha etc.

Store in the kitchen cupboard in a dry and cool place.

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