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Hayyaf Besan Powder


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Brand: Hayyaf




Besan, Flour, Grocery Essentials


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Hayyaf Besan Powder also called Gram Flour made from yellow gram lentil. An important ingredient in the Indian cuisine for centuries. Very easy to prepare at home. A perfect substitute for wheat flour. Has a nutty and mild flavor.

Health Benefits:
Helps to keep your heart healthy because of the presence of soluble fiber. It is gluten-free. Contains a high amount of protein. Packed with essential nutrients which is important for the body. Rich in folate that helps in stopping spinal cord weakness during pregnancy. Also a rich source of iron, copper, manganese and dietary fiber etc. Low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Will be a good option to increase your fiber and protein intake. Loaded with minerals that help to make bone and teeth stronger. Also helps to control blood sugar levels.

How to use:
Can be used to prepare yummy pakoras, bhajis, as a thickening agent in curries or as a batter for snacks etc.

Put it in an airtight container and store in the kitchen shelf.

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