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Pass p mouth freshener - mint, 300 gms

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Brand: Pass pass




Grocery Essentials, Condiments, Refreshers


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Pass pass mouth freshener - mint has a sweet, fresh and refreshing mint flavor. Instantly freshens breath. An extensive preparation of various Indian herbs.
Pass pass is a natural premium mouth freshener. It features a fresh and crunchy feel.

Origin: India

Ingredients: Dry Dates, Fennel, Sugar, Coconut Flakes, Melon Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Herbs (Withania Somnifera and Bacopa Monnieri), Flavor (Mentha Arvensis, Mentha Piperita, Rose), Sweetener (E960) & Silver Leaf (E174) Coated Cardamom Seeds.

Storage: Store in a clean, cool and dry place.