Datar Natural Kewda Water, 200 ml

AED 7.70 

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Datar Natural Extract Kewra Water is a transparent liquid also a perfect substitute to flower essences, gives an enchanting aroma to many recipes. No chemicals or preservatives are added, it gives a soothing and pleasing fragrance.

Health Benefits: Helps in stress reduction and depression. Helps to control body temperature. Prevents intestine, stomach related problems etc. it contains skin purifying property, thus helps to get rid of dust particles on the skin. Also helps to hydrate dry skin and reduces the risk of wrinkles.

How to Use: Can be used as a flavouring agent for drinks, meats, desserts etc. Sweets like rasmalai, rasagola can be dipped in kewra water for floral flavor.

Storage: Store in a refrigerator and make sure to tighten the cap after each use.

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